Back to Adam’s Mark Hotel again this morning to attend “Not Learning from Net.Art: The Rise of Newer Media” to see what kind of a panel the topic new media would attract. After a humorous video presentation from artist Marisa Olson in her bed because she was sick with the flu and could not make it to the conference, I sat through a couple of panelists talking about technology. One man who studies new media said that he prints all outgoing emails on good paper and puts them in a box and saves them as a way of archiving.

Good new media art website:

After lunch, I stumble across a room filled with people. The only time I see one of those rooms packed during the conference was when Yoko Ono was onstage. I sat down in the last seat available and just stare in disbelief that John Lennon was in love with this woman in front of me. Yoko is precocious, to say the least. And I don’t really like her art, but I had to see her.