Elisabeth in Paris

Elisabeth is a junior majoring in journalism from Denver who is participating in SMU-in-Paris this summer. She’s looking forward to learning art history inside The Louvre and traveling to the Loire Valley.

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Waiting for Paris

The thought of spending five long, amazing weeks in Paris and the surrounding areas not only excites but enthralls me. I feel privileged to get to study in a country besides my own. Rather than sitting in Meadows learning art history through slides I will be exploring the halls of the Louvre and other amazing museums. Not only will I learn about French history in class but also everyday on the city streets of Paris.
I am energized about the opportunity to finally “live” like a Parisian. Each time I return to Paris it feels more and more familiar. I have been itching for the chance to live there since the day I left 4 years ago.
It will be a completely different world with new faces, new streets and new places to go and I can’t wait for it all to begin.
As they say in France, “A tout a l’heure.”

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