Elisabeth in Paris

Elisabeth is a junior majoring in journalism from Denver who is participating in SMU-in-Paris this summer. She’s looking forward to learning art history inside The Louvre and traveling to the Loire Valley.

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Countdown to Paris

As the days get closer, I get more and more anxious. I don’t think I will actually believe that I am going until I board that flight from DFW to Paris Charles De Gaul.

I have a lot planned in the next two weeks, which makes it hard to focus on preparing for the journey. I am grateful there are other students on the same flight, so we can begin to get to know each other and fantasize about our weekend travels. I just purchased my Euro Rail pass last week, and a friend and I have made plans to visit Avignon, along the Rhone river, our second weekend in France. It will definitely be a month not to forget, and I am already feeling the love that exudes from the streets of Paris.

Until my journey begins I will continue daydreaming about where I want to go and rest my mind before I hit the books again.
Till then …

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