Dan-pool.JPG We are almost done. All the stress and anxiety is turning into relief and happiness, and I’m finally starting to realize how crazy all this has been. As we prepare the last TV shows and run around to broadcast Mexico’s medals, I finally got to see some of the events.

Dan-stadium.JPGToday I was lucky enough to see Mexico win a gold medal and the feeling was one I will never forget. The emotions and the goosebumps ran all over my body as I cheered and sang my national anthem.

All of these journeys have been bizarre – I got to run with Rafael Nadal running away from the press, I got to have a beer with Olympic medallists, I got to feel the emotion of a mother cheering for her daughter as she struggled to win an Olympic medal.

Dan-track2.JPGI still can’t believe I still have to give interviews each day – Mateo (the star of my show) and I have been interviewed for media everywhere – Spain, Argentina, Norway, etc. Every newspaper in Mexico has talked about us, and I still can’t comprehend the impact of the show.

And today as we prepare to work for the last days I find myself excited about the next adventure, thinking about Venice and the Film Festival, about seeing my name on the big screen of the Palazzo as the film comes to an end.

Dan-IMG_0044_2.JPGAnd the day after I have to run to the airport to make it on time to class. Today I got a report where it shows the TV show has been the one with the highest rating on this Olympics broadcast for Mexico and that the show is the one that made Televisa win the rating war against Tv Azteca. I have been congratulated by the bosses and asked what are my plans for Televisa for the World Cup.

I wish I had more time to tell everyone more stories – I’ll post some more stories and more pictures soon.