L1040590.jpgThis amazing summer is about to end, I’m already late for school, but I couldn’t let this opportunity go. Last Friday The Burning Plain premiered at the Venice film festival.

L1040454.jpgI discovered new feelings; it was amazing to walk with my co-workers to press junkets, press conferences and other events.

Friday morning there was event after event, but it all exploded at 6 pm when we all left the hotel in the cars that drove us to the red carpet, and that is when the magic started.

L1040621.jpgWalking the red carpet knowing I was part of this movie was so incredible. Entering the salad grande and watching the movie there was an experience I will never forget.

And then the final moment – as the first credit appeared on-screen, a roaring multitude clapped for a record of 5 minutes nonstop. Even with all the cheering and clapping I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen, until it finally came out.

The first time ever my name appeared on the screen, and even more important is on what screen it appeared. I started crying with happiness, and Guillermo Arriaga afterward called me and David B and told us to feel proud because it was our movie, too, and he thanked us for making this happen.

L1040505.jpgI will never be able to thank him enough for the most amazing moments in my life so far and this big opportunity. Now it is time to go back home and prepare the new projects – the new movies I’m going to be working on, the three TV shows I promised myself for the South Africa world cup, and also the North American premiere of the movie next weekend at the Toronto Film Festival.

I will never forget these moments.