Dan-IMG_0007.jpgI have been trying to write for days, but I haven’t had 5 free minutes. Yesterday it was the first day that I actually got to see one of Beijing’s sights, Tiananmen Square.

Dan-IMG_0013.jpgI only saw a little bit, but I got to shoot part of the show there. It was so fulfilling to shoot a TV show knowing that for almost 20 years you were not able to take photos at or of this place, and I was able to shoot a whole TV show.

The Chinese police keep checking everywhere what we are shooting and doing, but especially there – I had 4 agents following me, plus a bunch of secret police. It’s a little bit funny – one of them kept trying to look like a tourist but you could see the earphone. Still I was kind of nervous.

I’m also excited to share with you that the TV show is a success in Mexico. I get calls and emails 24/7 trying to get interviews and/or info about my reporter Mateo, the little kid, and me.

I heard today that 8 out of 10 TVs in Mexico that have been tuned to watch the Olympics have been to watch my show.

Dan-IMG_0017.jpg I still can’t believe the amazing experience this is, and all the people I meet have amazing stories. My lead cameraman, Jorge, has been in Televisa for 24 years. He has covered everything from the tsunami to the war in Iraq. He was there when Saddam’s statue fell.

Dan-IMG_0023.jpgAlso I get to hang out with Olympic medalists and TV celebrities from all around the world I have admired since I was a little kid. It’s an amazing feeling to walk the halls of the hotel or the IBC, and they walk to me and say “Senor Carrillo” or
Senor Productor” – it’s an amazing sensation of achievement even if there is not a big one there.

Dan-IMG_0029.jpg It’s funny the show is such a success because it took me 7 months of pushing and pushing the show, and no one had faith in it, and now everything is starting to change. It was 7 months since I first talked to Mexico’s sports anchorman in the leading sports newscast after working on some re-enactments for the Olympics. I was walking around the office in Mexico City, and I was checking the plans for the Olympics broadcast ( Televisa is the company that invests the most in this event).

Dan-IMG_0031.jpg There was nothing kids-related on the programming so I asked for 24 hours to come up with an idea, and that was how “Reporteritos” was born. At first I invested in the project and I shot a pilot.

And also I found out today that after Venice I might have to make a quick stop in Toronto since the film I worked on, The Burning Plain, will be presented at the Toronto Film Festival. Congrats to Guillermo Arriaga!

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