Today is the great finale to an exciting CAA week. I find myself excited for the day’s sessions. I was so eager for today’s session that I had selected them weeks in advance! Despite my anticipation, I find myself exceedingly exhausted from this week’s events. Nonetheless, I attend sessions all day.

Saturday’s mid-day sessions marked a shift from art as objects to a look at performative art. Most eye-opening and unusual was a session entitled “Sound Art.” It was interesting for me to rest my eyes – an art historian’s most useful tool – and allow my ears to take over. I have always wanted to incorporate sound in my study of the visual. This was a very different yet interesting way to look at art.

I leave this last session before the last two papers are read to attend a weekend symposium in honor of SMU’s Dr. Annemarie Weyl Carr. As I snake my way back to campus through rush-hour traffic, I reflect upon my CAA experience.

There is something profound in being surrounded by such a numerous and diverse group of individuals united in their passion and desire for a learned exchange of ideas concerning the subjects of art and art history. How grateful am I to the Art History Department for allowing me to attend these sessions. I feel as though I grew in my knowledge of Art History and was given the opportunity to network and meet with several eminent scholars from across the nation and from abroad. This was an unforgettable experience.