Since yesterday’s topics dealt mostly with subjects relating to my independent research, I decide that for these two CAA days, I will sit in on sessions that deal with topics of which I know little.

One of these sessions is titled “Persons of Interest: Locating the Artist in Times of Conflict.” This session explores the role and responses of artists to 20th- and 21st-century military conflicts to locate the identity and locus of the artist.

Of particular interest is a paper presented by Christine Filippone (Rutgers University) concerning the work of Martha Rosler and Carolee Schneemann. Dr. Filippone’s work explores artists’ ambivalence toward military, domestic and entertainment technologies against the backdrop of the Vietnam War and the Cold War. Until now, I have never been exposed to these two artists. I find their juxtaposition of dystopic and utopic approaches to technology and gender fascinating!

This session made me realize what a wonderful opportunity I have in attending the CAA conference, for it has and will continue to allow me to experience new scholarship in areas with which I would have otherwise never had any contact.