Ben in China

Ben is a junior from Dallas majoring in history, with minors in Chinese and business, who is spending Spring 2008 in Beijing at the Capital University of Economics and Business.

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Photos from Beijing

Ben-IMG_2016-sm.jpgHere are some pictures from the Olympic Green – taken on Sunday, when the skies were blue. We’ll see how it goes come Friday for the big day!

Just as the reports say, security here is very tight. For example, the campus where I’m living is closed to all non-staffers and foreign students until after the Olympics. Also all the private residential compounds around school that are normally open to walk through are now closed to non-residents.

On Friday for the Opening Ceremony, some roads will be shut down as preventative measures. Also, most non-hospitality businesses are closing early so everyone can get home to watch the big event. There are lots of major parties planned that night, too.

Ben-IMG_2004-sm.jpg The photo at right is looking at the National Aquatic Center through one of the security checkpoints-the speed bumps are actually cameras that look under each car that enters the Olympic Green. Also, until after the Olympics only ticketed and accredited people can enter the park.

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