The Red-Blue Scrimmage is fast approaching, and the Blitz Marketing Group is feeling the pressure. We have so much stuff we need to get done to prepare for the game, but we are very excited about some of the entertainment we have set up.

Bone Thugs and prizes
Blitz Marketing Group hit the way back machine and was able to get Bone Thugs N Harmony to play at the Doak Walker Plaza right before the SMU Red-Blue Scrimmage. How can anybody not be excited to see Bone Thugs? At a time when all I feel is pressure from the “real world,” it’s refreshing to know that Bone Thugs will bring me back to my precious youth for an hour on Saturday, April 5, at 12.

We have actively been recruiting sponsors for food and prizes for the scrimmage. So far we have been able to acquire gift certificates from some of the most popular stores in the area. Neiman Marcus gave us a $350 gift certificate. We also have over 60 smaller gift certificates to give out. In addition to seeing a great concert and June Jones’ arrival at the Hilltop, you will have the opportunity to get free stuff. (How can you beat that?)

I saw one of our stake signs for the first time the other day. Diego Contreras, our lead graphic designer, did an awesome job preparing the logos for all our advertisements. They should be popping up all over campus in the coming days. Through sponsorship and Diego’s creative skills, we were also able to create T-shirts for the Red-Blue Scrimmage. We will be passing out T-Shirts in the days leading up to the Scrimmage.

Reports from our football insider, Mustang Punter and Blitz Marketing Co-Coordinator Andrew Galloway, indicate the team looks great. Everybody is really adapting to June Jones’ new offense and style. The players have nothing but positive things to say about him. I personally can’t wait to see June’s “Fun N’ Gun” offense at work. At Hawaii, June’s team threw the ball on essentially every play.

Your team on YouTube
Some of the football team also made an appearance on YouTube for their “Evolution of Dance” remake. I encourage anybody who has had a rough day to check the video out. (It will make you realize your life is not that bad. You could have dance moves like Andrew Galloway.)

Meet up on Facebook
Blitz Marketing Group finally hit the big time when we became Facebook official. The group is for the Red-Blue Scrimmage and has updates on all the festivities going on around the game. The group is open to the public, so I strongly encourage everybody to join and show their support for the upcoming scrimmage and season.

Remember to head out to Ford Stadium on Saturday, April 5, at 12 to see Bone Thugs and 1 to see “A New Breed” of football in the Red-Blue Scrimmage.