From Katherine:
Megan and I will be in Athens, Greece for one week, Istanbul for 4 days, and then at a geology field camp in Turkey (approx. 170 km east of Istanbul). We will spend three weeks at the Taskesti field research station of the Turkish General Directorate of Disaster Affairs (Earthquake Research Department). We will spend one week at the Cayirhan coal mine faciities. Then we will spend one week at the facilities of the Hirfanli Hydroelectric Dam in Kaman, Kirsehir.

We will be studying the geology of the Tethys realm of Turkey across the North Anatolian fault. We will be with students from universities all over the U.S.A. We will have 2 instructors from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and one instructor from the Istanbul Technical Institute.

Course Content
The course includes preparation of stratigraphic columns, structural cross sections, and geologic maps, and completion of formal reports. Successive projects involve greater geologic complexity, and some may emphasize geologic hazard or mineral resource assessment. Practical applications to environment-related problems, earthquake hazards, landslides, and hydrogeology may be included.

I am looking forward to studying the amazing geology and culture of Turkey. I hear the food is delicious, the beaches are beautiful, and the oceans are very warm.