An excerpt from Amy’s blog

Classic story pinpointing Mexican culture versus Western (more specifically American) culture: After waiting in the Mexico City airport for an hour or so we were ready to board our flight. I think the flight was initially scheduled to board and depart around 9 pm. All strapped in and ready to go, we sat on the landing strip at, alas, 10:15 pm. Flight delays have come to be a fairly ordinary event, so we thought nothing of this extra time. Except Oaxaca’s airport did. After circling the landing stip several times the pilot’s voice entered the plane’s speakers:

Nuestras disculpas. podemos non volar a Oaxaca esta tarde. El aeropuerto de Oaxaca cierra a las once y ellos no esperaran. Proporcionaremos un vuelo manana por la manana.

(Our apologies. We are unable to fly to Oaxaca this evening. Oaxaca’s airport closes at eleven o’clock and they will not wait. We will provide a flight tomorrow morning.)