Have you ever seen the “I Love Lucy” episode where Lucy tries to pass off 30 lbs of cheese as a baby so she does not have to pay extra on the plane? Then when she finds out that they charge for babies, she and Ethel eat the cheese. That’s about to be me. Well, not really, but I am about to have another adventure, and as usual I have more luggage than is allowed … and you can’t eat sweaters.

Today I leave for a week to Denmark and then I’m off to Australia for a semester. Returning to Denmark will be much like visiting an old friend. I still care for Denmark, we just have less in common now. Even though much of the magic and mystery of the country will be gone, it will be nice to see some of the amazing people I met while I was there … and visit them the Danish way – without an agenda or a time line.

Expect lots of entries from me as my OCD is challenged by laid-back Australian ways. As my patience muscle is strengthened, I also plan on transforming my Olive Oyl physique by trying to learn to swim and surf. Right now I can survive in water, but I look like a drowning rat. Lovely.