5 girls
4 days
3 varieties of trees
2 farms
1 good time

It was windy and I’ve always had poor balance, so using nature as my toilet wasn’t the most fun. Water usage in Western Australia is limited and hot water in the country is nonexistent. And at the end of each day I actually needed a shower. It was the first time in my life I saw actual dirt underneath my fingernails.

Tiana.png Aside from the farm-stay accommodations, Gnowangerup was fun. My arms of spaghetti are more like uncooked spaghetti after the 2,000 trees I planted. (The action photo shows me planting trees using a pulliputnik.)

After decreasing our eco-footprints we headed out to the local pub. Emma, our group leader, organized speed dating. The Australian countryside is predominately male, so organized conversation with a couple of cute Yanks was well received. My bachelor was toothless – Tony. He had more heart than teeth and at the end of our date asked me for another minute. Luckily I have a boyfriend. This news was received by automatically turning me into a man as Tony inquired how I felt about the barmaids’ knockers. After Tony realized I wasn’t going to answer his question he apologized, but his lewd comment made me more aware of how American culture holds language in higher esteem.

One trend I see globally is that country people are extremely courteous to guests. Maybe it’s all that fresh air? Maybe it’s because they have fewer people to be nicer to? Whatever the reason I love all the food.

– Tiana