American moments… I haven’t really experienced them until coming to Asia… only being able to communicate through gestures (this one is particularly fun when requesting toilet paper)… having the maximum amount of luggage… struggling with the maximum amount of luggage… being stared at… everywhere else I have traveled to I have mostly blended in, until now my purpose or identity hasn’t been questioned.

My stomach is also confused by all the newness. While in Tibet I experienced Acute Mountain Sickness (thus the need for more toilet paper). Plus my tummy just couldn’t handle all the yak. Yak’s milk, chocolate yak’s milk, butter tea- made from yak’s milk, dried yak, fried yak, yak stew, yak, yak, yak.

Other than the dietary limitations and their ramifications Tibet was amazing. I can’t say that enough. Now I’m in Malaysia again, another awesome place, and tomorrow I leave to begin a study of Non-Governmental Organizations in Thailand and Laos. Hooray.