“We cannot let you on the plane. Airport security has reason to believe that you aren’t who you say you are.” After an hour of interrogation and seven more of waiting at the Dubai airport, I was allowed to fly to Australia. After watching me get my luggage trolley caught in the walkway and witnessing me spill the contents of my purse all about gate 13, the Dubai security realized that I was only a threat to myself. I knew I shouldn’t have had my eyebrows waxed before having my passport photo taken. I may be a hobbit, but I am definitely a hobbit named Tiana.

But let’s backtrack. I enjoyed seeing Copenhagen through glasses not spotted by snow and the harbor free of ice. It was so nice to see happy Danes walking around the city center. I was worried that my friends had forgotten me, but as I entered the kollegium, they said, “Welcome home.” And it is my home, as is Texas, and now Australia.

Today we are leaving for Yanchep – the outback for orientation camp. Good times to follow.