Since 2000 the Corporate Communications & Public Affairs Division of Meadows School of the Arts has offered students an emphasis in nonprofit management that provided them a theory class and a writing class with an internship.

This summer we have taken that approach global with our class “Communication in the Global Civil Society,” offered as part of the communications in London program. The 17 students who apsplied for this class knew that it would require an internship with an International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) as well as the theory classes on the growth of the Civil Society.

It took calls to more than 45 organizations to find 17 who fit our needs, and on June 25, when they left Regent’s College in the middle of London, they traveled to different parts of the city, where their placement waited. The organizations include human rights groups such as Global Witness, the Secretariat Against the Use of Children as Soldiers, Womankind International, The Greenbelt Movement, the Consortium for Street Children and Healthlink World Wide.

They are also working with the OneWorld network at OneWorld Broadcasting and OneClimate as well as childre’s organizations such as EveryChild and the Childre’s Rights Information Network. And two are working with for-profit organizations that benefit the Civil Society, Geneva Global, which matches donor funds with projects around the world, and Africa Practice, which assists the growth and development of cause-related marketing in Africa.

Almost from the first day the students began talking of how their views of the world have broadened and changed and how they feel that their experiences this summer will change them forever.

Kathy LaTour
Senior Lecturer, Corporate Communications & Public Affairs