The first day of the conference was incredible. I’ve never met so many
people that are so warm and welcoming. Every person I’ve had the pleasure
of meeting has been thrilled to see us and happy that we came to the
conference. It’s hard to explain the overwhelming sense of joy these people
have when they see us. I’ve lost count of how many hugs and kisses I’ve
gotten from the staff and from the nuns at the center.

At the introductory ceremony, the staff provided the guests with translating
devices that looked like futuristic stethoscopes and that was pretty cool.
However, it was obvious that the nice woman translating the Greek portions
to English, spoke English as her second or maybe third language, as she
referred to “vagina cancer” several times during the speech. No big deal,
we got the gist of everything.

During the ceremony, I was amazed at the caliber of the guest speakers. I
heard lectures from the head of radiology at Stanford University, Brown
University, Susan G. Komen and the Mayo Clinic. After the opening session,
the doors to the dinning hall opened up to the most beautiful homemade
dinner I’ve ever seen. We sat down for a 4-course meal prepared by the staff
of the Ormylia Center, and to make it even better, everything we ate was
grown right here at the center. Talk about fresh. I know this is going to
be an incredible experience.