An update from Candy
To add to our already jam-packed, awesome summer of non-stop life-changing experiences, the 15 of us that were interning in London are now in the north of Greece. We’re staying in a small town called Gerakini Beach. Yes, it’s tough; we have to stay in a beach resort, on the Mediterranean, because it’s the only hotel around that can hold this SMU bunch. At the hotel, we’re crammed in three to a room, but that’s okay because we have an ocean view from our balcony.
About 10 minutes from our hotel is the tiny town of Ormylia. In Ormylia, there is a center called the Ormylia Foundation: Center for Disease Prevention and Medical Research, Panagia Philanthropini. The mission of the center is to comfort and alleviate the suffering of human beings with emphasis on the poor and working-class public without preference to race, nationality, gender, or creed. The center provides breast cancer and ovarian cancer education and screening.
We are lucky enough to be guests at their annual breast cancer conference. The conference brings together international partners and focuses on breast cancer prevention through early detection. Right now, 90 percent of breast cancers are curable if they are detected early. The participants of the conference come from all over the world including Greece, Bosnia, Egypt, Turkey, Eritrea and the U.S.
So, what in the world are we, SMU undergraduate students, bringing to the table? We are getting a once in a lifetime opportunity to collect significant data, using an interpretist approach, on people’s attitudes and beliefs towards breast cancer and how it is seen, discussed and addressed in their part of the world. Our goal over the course of the conference is to collect qualitative data through one-on-one interviews, and then develop a feasible communications strategy to leave with the participants to take back to their countries and regions.
I know, I know, it’s brain overload, but it is such an amazing opportunity that as an undergraduate student, I’m getting experience in field research and experience in issues that affect so many women around the world.