I don’t know what I ate today or even how to describe it, but I had to eat it because my boss made it. I will make an attempt to paint a picture of what was going into my mouth. It included some kind of green vegetable, perhaps zucchini, tomato, big chunks of white cheese and a million little, tiny yellow balls. I was wondering where the meat was hidden. There was none.

The meal was part of the weekly Wednesday lunch the office has together to discuss current projects. Meals here in London have been a little difficult for me to take in. There are many sandwich shops around London with menus that include wraps and salads. Well, first, I can’t eat sandwiches or wraps comfortably because of my braces (I can’t bite into things, my mouth would be a mess, and it can break my brackets) and salads are just not my thing, but I will survive.

Yesterday, I was invited to a meeting with a radio broadcast journalism professor at City University by the chief exec of the org. Although I had to leave an hour earlier, it was definitely worth it. I learned a lot about pitching ideas and taking criticism from someone. I wish I could have contributed to the pool of ideas but I wasn’t really briefed on the purpose of the meeting. Apparently, Peace Direct wants to launch a radio program profiling the experience of the unsung heroes they support and profile on their other website Insight on Conflict. Since Chris works for BBC Radio, the professor suggested he pitch it to them. From the meeting I realized the passion these people have for their cause. Peace Direct’s major concern is let people know about these peacebuilders and their stories; they don’t really care if Peace Direct gets mentioned at all.

During the meal later, I got to present myself to the team and explain what I would be doing for the next few weeks. After eating the mystery food, I helped a coworker wash dishes. She commented that she had gained weight. I told her she wasn’t fat, to which she responded, “Maybe not by American standards.” I didn’t know whether to take that as an offense or what, but I thought it was funny considering my previous frustration with healthy foods. I didn’t know how to react.

I am slowly getting accustomed to life here in London. The tube is getting easier to understand, and I am learning more about the work ethic. I know I will get to understand much more of this as the days go by.