Tyler participated in SMU-in-London’s Mass Media class and British Film class.

What I learned in London? What did I not learn in London should be the question. My experience in London put me on the right track again. Being 22 years old, life was beginning to get complicated. Do I go to graduate school? Do I need to get an internship? What about getting a real adult job? Life was much easier on the structured path in middle school.

My entire life has revolved around my music career. I missed out on a lot of college memories because I was too busy choosing to do things that may further my passion of music. I never had a close group of girlfriends at SMU because of this. Coming to London allowed me to forget about what may or may not happen with my music, and allowed me to concentrate on just hanging out with a group of smart, amazing girls.

I got to stay in scary hostels and laugh until I couldn’t breathe. I have visited three different countries in a month. I have seen things that some people will never in their lives see. I have made friends that I hope to keep forever.

I almost decided to stay in Texas because I was afraid I would miss out on some show or opportunity for my music. That would have been the biggest mistake I could have made. I finally feel like I am having the college experience I have always heard about. “These are the best years of your life,” now I understand.