How can you tell you’re getting homesick for food? The answer is quite simple: you’ll walk 20 minutes on foot to get to a McDonald’s.

At this point in the trip, I was tired of sandwiches and healthy food and needed something that would remind me of the food I would normally eat in America. Although McDonald’s may not have seemed like the best choice, a Big Mac with those famous fries sounded mighty good at the moment.

I looked up the directions on Mapquest which told me it would take 5 minutes for me to get there. So off I went to get my ??3 heart attack, forgetting the time was estimated for a car ride. Fifteen minutes into the walk, thoughts of turning back prompted by sore feet and dark clouds were quickly discarded by the sign in the distance. Ahhh, those Golden Arches, peeking through the tall double decker buses, stood like the Statue of Liberty announcing the way to food freedom.

After taking a bus back to the office, I sat at my desk, Big Mac and all, ready to bite into a piece of heaven. Unfortunately, the bite tasted more like an imitation of American heavenliness. My walk had been in vain. It wasn’t like the Big Macs back home, but then again, nothing is ever really like home.