It’s Friday the 13th, so we did the only thing appropriate for such an infamous day: we went on the Jack the Ripper walking tour of London. The tour took us around different parts of London in relation to the murders committed by Jack the Ripper.

Although it may seem the walk’s purpose was to bring a scare, which it did, it was actually a great historical telling of 19th-century London. In the tour, I learned that London had and has two police forces: one for the city of London, the original city; and one for the rest of the metropolitan area. The murderer used the invisible line dividing the two forces with knowledge that neither police force could intrude on a case on their territory. Another interesting fact is that hospitals at the time were called “spitals,” the host part didn’t come until later, hence the name Spitalfields Market. The area was important to the tour due to a supposed Jack the Ripper murder there in the middle of day. The details to each murder were very descriptive, which provided the scare.