When I first learned of the Global Civil Society Class Professor LaTour was going to offer for the summer in London program, I knew immediately it was something I had to go do; that this program was my window of opportunity to become part of something great.

I had no idea just how great my summer in London experience would be. As our time here in London is coming to an end, I feel like I’m just beginning.

Inspired by our class discussions and the jobs people are working on in their internships, I proposed our class start a Civil Society Club (CSC) on the SMU campus. We have learned so much in our short summer here, and it is our job to keep the amazing program Professor LaTour began alive and growing. She chose us for a reason, knowing we were up for the challenge and that we could carry on what she started.

Although Professor LaTour will not be back at SMU (and will be sorely missed by all her students!) with the CSC our group can build the relationships we have started at our internships and continue the expansion of the program.

The goal of the club is to raise awareness and empower students to make a positive change in the world by using communication skills that provide a knowledge and understanding of Global Civil Society.

As you can tell by all our journal entries, we are amazed and challenged by the work we are doing every day. I think it is important that not only communication students, but also the student body as a whole feels the impact of Civil Society and its importance.

We have all had experiences here that have possibly changed the way we will look at the world forever. There is so much we are capable of if we use our power to communicate and create awareness.

Within the work we are doing here we have all come to understand the gravity of the failure to make changes for the betterment of humanity. Mother Teresa once said, “The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being uninvolved.”

Our time to get involved is now. As communication students, our job is to connect people to information and knowledge that can encourage change and create awareness. Through positive and effective communication maybe we can look forward to a future without poverty and helplessness.