After three weeks of Marathi, it was time to step into the kitchen and test my language and culinary skills. The lady who cooks lunch for us every day, Mayatai, let me join her in the kitchen for the afternoon. Not only did I get to learn how to make an Indian dish, Kechari, it was a test of my ability to speak Marathi.

I have found the full submersion language-learning approach very useful, and every day I find that I am able to speak more and more Marathi. And after three weeks, I find myself using Marathi most of the time. Of course it’s sprinkled with Hindi and English, but it’s all part of the language learning process.

So when it was time to eat, I was quite pleased that not only had I cooked Indian food (with a significant amount of help), but that I had really begun to put my Marathi to good use. So, I guess it’s fair to say that “now we’re cookin’!”