July 31-August 3: Catching up on Singapore

There are some places in the world where time seems to stop, and a few days ago I found such a place. It’s off the coast of the Andaman Sea, in Phga Na Bay, on the golden shores of Railay Beach in Krabi, Thailand.

Micah-pic%202.jpgHere you’ll find turquoise waters and tall limestone cliffs in the midst of a vibrant jungle. The sand is golden soft, and nearby there are many island to explore. If you’re familiar with the movie The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio, then you might recognize some of the photos because they filmed the movie not too far from Railay.

I arrived on Tiger Airways (which is Singapore’s equivalent to Southwest Airlines) and was then driven from the airport to a nearby dock. At this time it was night, and completely dark as the moon was blocked by the clouds. A few others and I walked down what looked like an abandoned pier and then met a small man at the end who helped us load our luggage onto the kelong (boat). Once on the kelong we spent about 20 minutes cruising until we pulled to shore.

The evening is just as enjoyable as the day. The wind picks up causing a slight breeze to greet you as you eat your dinner in the outdoor restaurants. There are small kids running around, having races from the shoreline and back. And of course, right now I’m writing this blog overlooking the beach, at night, on a deck chair. It’s wonderful.

Micah-Pic%203.before%20boarding%20plane.jpgI have seen many wonderful things in Singapore, and this has been an experience that will never leave my heart. Not only have I experienced an entirely new country, but I have also experienced an entirely new essence of myself. Traveling has a way of making one appreciate new cultures and gain a new sense of independence as one explores the unknowns of a foreign country. Singapore is a beautiful city where people take pride in keeping their city the best it can possibly be.

In closing I just want to thank all my friends and work colleagues I made on this trip. My experience wouldn’t have been complete without being treated so well. And finally, special thanks to my parents who provided me with full support and love, despite being so many miles away.

As I board the plane, I’ll try to look back on everything I’ve done this summer, and I know that by the time the plane takes off, I’ll have nothing but a smile on my face as I realize I’ve had the time of my life! The Roar of the Lion City (Singapore) is quite a beautiful sound … one which I’ll never forget.