We’re all settled in and the first two weeks have flown by!

Karoline started at Signature the same week of their huge press conference, the first in 10 years (since the one announcing the opening of the theatre!
View of Ganesh

View of GaneshEveryone and everything at Signature was in high gear for the event. We would be announcing our next four years of programming and hosting artist involved, such as Tony Kushner, Edward Albee, Edward Norton!! Must say the best part was keeping the big announcements hush hush :). The day of, I almost wet myself at least three times..once when I saw Mr. Kushner walk in, again when I saw Edward Albee walk past, and then while Edward Norton signed my cast “Break a Leg!”

So that’s life at Signature. One second you’re filing papers, and the next you’re writing Edward Albee’s contract for the upcoming season, or answering the phone and it’s Susan-Lori Parks on the other end. I love it. I love the young, upbeat staff, working for Jim Houghton – a brilliant artistic director – and love life in the city.

Art, parks and SMU friends

Amelia and I spend our downtime taking in as much art as possible… so far we’ve seen 10 million miles, a new musical that has a lot to do with the South, Company, and, thanks to a friend interning at Lincoln Center, Balanchine at the New York City Ballet and Debra Voight with the New York Philharmonic. Our weekends are filled with the parks! We love to sit in Central Park and take in the sights and have a chance to relax. Couples kissing, sun bathers, little kids, softball games, joggers – it’s a breath of fresh air to take in so much life when you spend most of your time in a subway or the office :).

We’re blessed to have a ton of friends in the city this summer – SMU theater alums make up our family in the city – like Harrison Ford, Haley Henderson, and Emily Loeb – we take in shows, go to Coney Island, and play in the park together. It’s amazing to have friends like that in the busy city. There are also a lot of interns in the city this summer, like Lee Helms at Lincoln Center, and Durrell Cooper at the Negro Ensemble Company (he surprised us today when he came in to pick up a package from Signature since they are part of our upcoming seasons!)

Well have to get back to the grindstone 🙂

With love from NYC,