I am a senior at Meadows School of the Arts, from Flowery Branch, Georgia. I study theatre, with an emphasis in directing, and also am pursuing a minor in business. Since day one at Meadows I knew I wanted to explore my interests in business and theatre, and I’ve been blessed with advisors, professors, and friends at Meadows who have helped me learn how.

The first step was a passion for Meadows and leadership — I am the president of MAPS, the Meadows Ambassadors for Prospective Students, a group founded “to welcome prospective Meadows students to our community and aid in their college decision making process by giving prospective students a real view of what life as a Meadows student at SMU is really like.” Tours, phonecalls, tickets, workshops, overnight guests — we’re on it!

Leading MAPS prepared me to think bigger and bolder and helped me bolster the nerve to apply for a position with one of the best theatre companies in New York, Signature Theatre Company. Signature was started by James Houghton, an SMU alum from the Bates days (Kathy Bates), and it’s grown to be one of the most interesting, passionate, and important companies in the world.

And I got it! This summer I’ll be interning with Signature as a company management intern. It’s the perfect opportunity to begin to integrate my passion for business and theatre. It’s insanely sweet.

Best yet, I’ll have a friend along for the ride, Amelia, a fellow senior director and artistic intern! We’ll be sharing an apartment in Manhattan and working together. I will arrive in New York Saturday, June 9. Amelia is already working for Signature and has awesome stories to tell!

So far college has taken me from a town in north Georgia with one stop light, to the Big D, to London for a semester abroad at the British American Drama Academy, and now to the Big Apple and I can’t wait to see where to next!