Hi all!

Well, I’ve taken a bite out of the Big Apple. And that’s a great analogy for my time so far – Apples..they’re big and shiny and sweet, but they can have their worms, or taste like dust if they start to get old. So the best thing to do is take a little bite every day to keep the doctor away, and when you find one that’s a little hard and not quite ripe, slice it a new way and cook that sucker into a pie. If you follow – New York is sweet. It’s exciting. But aspiring actors be warned – it’s a challenge!

Sometimes the bus fumes and the pavement really get to you. Sometimes all those tourists milling through Times Square or the pushy vendors on the street can start to drive you nuts. And it sometimes feels like you’re tired – all the time! But if you know where to look, New York has its really special places that are a great escape. I take refuge in Central Park every weekend! It’s so refreshing to see the families, the picnickers, the sunbathers, and just savor an ice cream or a hot dog and coke by the baseball fields. It’s wonderful too to head out to the beach – just a subway ride away. I spent last week with Amelia and our friend Emily at the beach, and it was a sun filled, sandy, breath of fresh/salty air!

Auditions and rehearsals
Signature amazes me every day. It’s incredible to be able to sit at my desk and listen in on a marketing meeting for the theatre company – to take phone calls from major donors and philanthropists in New York – to attend my first Equity EPA from the other side of the table, able to watch hundreds of auditions and have the mystery and the fears of auditioning slip away. Our company started rehearsals for our first production of the season, Iphigenia 2.0. This has been the best part!

Amelia and I got to go to first rehearsal with the whole company – we all ate bagels together and met the actors, then got to hear totally exciting and inspiring talks from Jim Houghton, the Artistic Director of the theatre, and Tina Landau, the director of the play. Then the cast read the play – their first read-through. It was amazing to see how much they bring to the table at first rehearsal. And lately we’ve been able to sit in on rehearsals and watch the actors work. I can’t tell you how exciting and refreshing this has been. It totally makes me thankful for my SMU training. Seems that all the valuable skills and qualities I see in the actors here – their openness, their language, their humility – those are all traits I learned from working at SMU.

SMU reunion
We had a great visit last night from Jim Crawford; he’s an acting professor at SMU. He was visiting New York and met students for a bite and a chat. It was amazing to sit at the table and look around and see alumni like Emily Loeb, Virginia Kull, Virginia Fry, and Wrenn Schmidt – and think literally – I can’t get over the talent and beauty at this table. SMU has given New York some phenomenally beautiful, intelligent, and talented actors. I am so proud to be at this table. Amazing!

Seeing theatre here and there – Spring Awakening is wonderful. So was the R&J Shakespeare in the Park. Next on the list are In the Heights and Eurydice, by Sarah Ruhl.

Take care, SMU, see you soon … just a month left!