Jordan at SMU-in-Taos

Jordan is a senior from Atlanta studying cinema/television and music. He is helping restore the Catholic church of San Jose de Gracia in Las Trampas, New Mexico, this August at SMU-in-Taos as part of Professor Adam Herring’s course, Art and Architecture of Hispanic New Mexico.

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Last day in Las Trampas

The final day of working at the church flew by. Everyone had smiles on their faces as we put the finishing touches on the wall and the archway entrance that led up to the church. At the end of the day, there still remained work to be done, but as I mentioned earlier, the building is a growing and living thing that depends on the support of its people for survival.

For the last day of class, we met in the classroom at Fort Burgwin and relived our experiences in Taos via a photo slideshow that Dr. Herring produced. We laughed and cherished our shared memories. We held our heads high as a result of the pride we had in our completed work. We tasted a learned to appreciate what it was like to be in another time and we grew. I think I speak for all the members of the class when I say that we hope to revisit that church again and marvel at what we accomplished as a class and team.

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