While volunteering with the small-animal vet, I get to assist with basic appointments, radiographs, vaccines, dentals, bloodwork, and observe surgeries. It’s pretty awesome, and a wonderful learning experience! The vet also works with exotics, and we have a nature center that allows owners and their children to look at snakes, amphibians, reptiles and a chinchilla. I feel really fortunate to work with this vet because of the vast amount of species that come in and out of our clinic.

Besides volunteering, I also had another wonderful opportunity at the beginning of June. Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine hosts high school, college, and adult students to come and spend a week or two exploring the different careers in vet medicine. This was my grand adventure! For one week I got to stay in Westborough, Massachusetts (a small town 45 minutes outside of Boston) and listen to a variety of professors give short lectures, follow fourth-year vet students on their rotations, and talk with other current vet students about Tufts and applying for vet school. It was an AMAZING experience and I would recommend applying to the program to anyone thinking about becoming a veterinarian. I cannot wait to tell you everything about it!