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After graduating in 2007 with a CCPA major and French minor, Dale moved to London to intern in Parliament and experience more international perspective. Each year he strives to visit two international festivals and tackle at least one major adventure. In 2007 he attended Carnivale in Venice and will attend Fiesta de San Fermin (running of the bulls) in Pamplona. For adventure, he chose trekking the West Highland Way (100 miles) in Scotland and the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage (500 miles) in Spain. He plans to continue education and dreams of achieving a Ph.D. from a top university for leadership which would allow him to work in international leadership development.

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Camino de Santiago is much like any other journey

After sleeping on it, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Camino de Santiago is much like any other journey. That is, the destination is only necessary as a point to affix your eyes and set in motion your soul… but the journey to reach that point is the reason itself for walking.

I think it’s best explained as an oreo cookie. The part in the middle is always the richest, the two ends are sweet ways to get the middle to your taste buds… but we eat them to get to the middle.

The smell of pilgrim still grips my clothes and body, we wonder if we get to keep that familiar funk. Is that how we bring home the Camino? I shaved my playoff beard which has now been replaced with the smoothest, cleanest man face I’ve seen in the mirror for months. I’m not sure I’ll miss walking each day, but I do feel like an episode of my life has faded to black. All I know is that my feet need to feel good so I can run with the bulls on Friday morning … wish me luck.

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