Today felt like one of the first days of fall – and in Paris – it doesn’t get much better! Red and yellow leaves crawl up the sides of cold, rocky buildings tucked behind small Parisian streets and cafes, which are no longer a pastime but a necessity because of the cooler weather – well, ok, they are both! School is starting to pick up and it seems that all my weekends of traveling are already booked – so let the fun continue!

I am taking some great classes – and last week as I was sketching in a wing of the Louvre Museum, I found myself looking around asking if I really got school credit for all of this. My architecture class meets at difference museums, churches, old houses, torn-down walls of the city and even chateaus and castles each week, and I love being out in the city seeing new things that most people never take the time to see. It’s incredible to be taking a class dedicated to teaching me just about the city that I am living in, and it completely enriches my experience!

Claire-beach.jpg This weekend we took a train to Normandy – spending time on the beaches, in the towns, talking with locals and seeing some incredible museums. It was an amazing and memorable time, to say the least. I found myself walking on Omaha and Gold Beach in such calmness and looking around in complete awe.

claire-cross.jpgThe American Cemetery overlooking Omaha beach was extraordinary to walk through – touching the graves and reading the names and the stories – I just feel so blessed to have spent a weekend learning and feeling something so important.

More news in Paris – the Rugby World Cup is being played, which has led to some great moments in the metro with dozens of Scottish men in kilts or Australians with fully painted bodies,- each desperately cheering on their teams – needless to say, it has been more than enjoyable to catch rugby matches at local pubs and take part in the cheering and spirit of the game!

The Lord is so faithful in keeping me in His hand- and daily I am reminded to trust Him and find my peace in Him,- especially, when I am in a place so far from home! It’s definitely challenging, but I love the growth that He has me in for.

Unfortunately, I had to move from my first house – so I am a little foster child being bumped around Paris until they can find another family to take me in. But along the way, I have met some great people and learned so much about putting the unknown into God’s hands. Hopefully soon I will be able to actually unpack my bags and get into the Paris groove. As for now, I am just taking it one moment at a time.

I’m booking it to Munich for the weekend to try and catch up on my German- I just miss Fredericksburg that much – so more stories to come!