A few notices if you’re planning a trip to Spain:

I didn’t do anything overly exciting this weekend, so I’ll use this entry to chronicle a few of my random observances since coming to Spain:

1) If you are walking down the street and headed straight at a Spaniard, natural instinct tells you to move a bit to the side to avoid hitting them. Spaniards will NEVER move out of the way and will hit you instead.

2) Milk comes unrefrigerated in a box. Warm milk is not very tasty. Also, Spaniards think it’s ok to leave certain food items out overnight, including yogurt, milk, cheese, and butter.

3) It rarely rains here, but when it does, Spaniards turn out dressed for a flood of biblical proportions. The same goes for cold weather. Never judge the weather by what you see locals wearing.

4) If you ask a Spaniard to repeat something to you, they will repeat it just as fast, only yelling at you like you’re stupid. No help whatsoever.

5) The Metro doors WILL close on you.

6) Mullets and rat tails are in style here. Pray that this fad never ever reaches the states again.

7) Possibly unlike the rest of Europe, all of Spain is in love with American brands and movies, especially High School Musical and Coca Cola.

8) Much to my dismay, there are no cookies here, unless you go to an American chain like Starbucks, and even then they’re not very good.

9) You can get “blessed” in front of a cathedral for a few coins – people will do anything to make money here, including juggling in the street, standing still like a statue for hours on end, and physically blocking the door to a store with their hands out.

10) Spaniards LOVE dogs, HATE to clean up dog poop. Fortunately, there are thousands of street cleaners that come out at night to take care of the problem.

11) Spanish women dress up to go everywhere – the bus is like a fashion show every morning.

12) Peanut butter is impossible to find here, also clothes dryers – the skies are positively filled with drying laundry every afternoon.

13) Air conditioning and walking around barefoot will make you sick, but smoking profusely causes no harm whatsoever.

14) Do not expect to find anything open from 2 to 4 each day or on Sundays.

15) The reason for this is that people of all ages tend to stay out at all hours of the night, and so 2 to 4 and Sundays make great nap times, a tradition I love.