The last part of my all-inclusive tour of Europe consisted of Greece, Prague, and Germany. Greece, unfortunately, is out of tourist season right now and was disappointingly boring once we got past the Acropolis and Hadrian’s Arch. It was fantastic to be on vacation and actually getting some rest, though! It was also a relief to use a Metro system with only three lines, compared to the 12 or so that Madrid has. Strangely enough, even though most Greeks speak English, they all seemed to think that I spoke Greek … ?

Chey07-arrow.jpg Prague was so fun – definitely one of the best-held secrets in Europe. There aren’t as many touristy things to do and see there as in London, but I did get a chance to visit the museum of communism (fascinating if you’re a political science major like me) and the Prague Castle, which is the biggest castle in the world. The picture is of me shooting a medieval crossbow inside the weaponry room in the castle (it should be noted that I shot all five arrows on target, unlike the rest of my group!). Prague also has a beautiful bridge called St. Charles Bridge that we spent as much time on as possible, despite the bitter cold. If you get the chance to go, try the garlic soup. Every restaurant makes it differently, but it’s delicious!

chey07-germany.jpgSpeaking of food, every dish in Germany was phenomenal. Sausage, sauerkraut, and roast meats as far as the eye can see – all topped off with an entire LITER of beer if you’re a local and have the stomach for that! All the restaurants have long tables that you share with other groups. If I spoke a word of German I might have even attempted to participate in one of the many and very boisterous drinking songs we heard throughout the night.

In Germany we rented a car (about half the size of a compact car in America, mind you) and drove down the Romantic Road (yes, it’s really called that) through Bavaria to Fussen, a town at the foot of the Alps. Gorgeous landscape like you would never believe – a small two-lane road through little, classically “German” towns and orange fall forests, all the way up to the looming, snow-capped mountains. In Fussen is the castle that inspired the Disney Cinderella castle. Let’s just say, I have found my home away from home if I can get all the tourists (there were hundreds) out. It’s quite literally a fairy-tale castle nestled in the mountains with hawks flying around the towers and the picturesque town at its base. I half expected to see Prince Charming emerge and get into one of the horse-drawn carriages that carried tourists up the mountain … Germany was my favorite part of the trip, and I would definitely go back!