Cheyenne in South Africa

Cheyenne is a junior from Dallas majoring in public policy, with a minor in economics and human rights. She traveled with a group of 15 students, faculty and community members on a trip August 2-12 to South Africa, led by SMU Human Rights Program director Rick Halperin. The trip focused on the events and landmarks of apartheid, the system of racial segregation enforced there by the white-controlled government from 1948 to 1989.

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Quakers in Cape Town

Today we left Johannesburg and flew two hours to Cape Town. We flew a local airline, Nationwide, that had much older, smaller planes. It was interesting to see how lax the security was flying within Africa. There was no limit on carry-ons, no restrictions on liquids, and we didn’t have to take off our shoes or coats or belts. The security guard even laughed when we started to take off our shoes.

We had a quick lunch then headed to the Quaker House Peace Center, which gave a new perspective on the struggle for NGO’s to prosper. Though the Quaker House was founded on Quaker morals, they do not involve any religion in their social services. It was interesting to hear how their funding differs from the other organization because they are affiliated with a religious name. Our guide told us how the Quaker belief is to simply see others as your own brother or sister, all as human beings, and therefore treat others with the same love and compassion you hope for yourself.

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