Cheyenne in South Africa

Cheyenne is a junior from Dallas majoring in public policy, with a minor in economics and human rights. She traveled with a group of 15 students, faculty and community members on a trip August 2-12 to South Africa, led by SMU Human Rights Program director Rick Halperin. The trip focused on the events and landmarks of apartheid, the system of racial segregation enforced there by the white-controlled government from 1948 to 1989.

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Goodbye, South Africa

Though there was some major pushing and shoving, we managed to find a bus transfer to Gatwick and we made the flight. Luckily the British Airways staff was at full capacity, without any incidents like our previous flight.

The first step off the plane I could feel the Texas heat. I had almost forgotten I had to come home to this, and got used to wearing a jacket everywhere I went. I was a bit glad to be back, but a little bummed we only had two weeks till classes started.

Before this trip I knew close to little about the whole apartheid time period. One of the reasons I chose this trip was because I knew embarrassingly little. It was exciting to be in South Africa when their democracy was still fresh and young. Though there has been a great change there, all South Africans felt even greater changes are yet to come.

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