Just what the doctor ordered! A weekend of R&R in the great city of Hyderabad. Ram, a very well-educated Indian businessman, came to Ongole for the day to help the villagers understand another non-profit was taking over – this is a very well known international organization (I don’t want to say the name because of rights issues). Anyways, after the meeting with the villagers, Ram invited AnneMarie and I to his abode in Hyderabad, the capitol of Andhra Pradesh (the state I am in here in India).

Before I talk about the city life, I want to tell you a little about highway driving from 10 pm to 4 am at night … it’s scary! Ghost and goblins scary? No, but I wish it were just that. It is more like two-lane highways, one lane per direction, with cars passing by on the left and right! Wait, did I say cars, I meant India’s version of the “18-wheeler.” This slow moving, fully packed, midsized semi-vehicle is probably the most travelled auto on the Indian highways. Not to mention that they only drive with brights on. A word of advice, don’t sit in the front seat while driving at night in India, unless you want gray hair and to be in a straightjacket the rest of your life. Yes it is that scary and I have the video to prove it. Imagine driving on a packed highway, only one lane each direction, and your driver passes the semi in front of you fully aware of the blaring headlights coming towards you. At least, you are hoping the driver is fully aware and not blind from the headlights. Regardless, I am typing this blog, which means I made it just fine.

So, once we got to Ram’s apartment/condo in the heart of Hyderabad, we all decide that it would be wise to catch some sleep, while I personally feel it will be nice for my bones to get back into my skin from the previous 6 hour car ride.

The apartment in Hyderabad

To describe the apartment as ‘nice’ would not do the carpenters’ work any justice. It was built just under a year ago and is extremely elegant and beautiful. I personally had not a clue of what Hyderabad and the apartment life would look like in India, but it is safe to say pretty similar to downtown Dallas/Houston. But I will talk about the city in a little bit; the apartment is where it’s at. Everything in the apartment, from the walk-in closet/bathroom/steam shower to the 7-by-7-foot beds were all masterfully designed by Ram, not built, but designed. The walls have inlaid stain glass, the rooms have air conditioning, and the showers have hot water. Needless to say, the apartment was very exquisite, and before he even moved in, there were offers to purchase his place. But, it was 4 am and I needed some sleep.