You know that feeling you get when you complete something … the feeling of success? Well, I had that feeling yesterday as I watched water pour out of the tube from the open well, using the rope pump that AnneMarie and I put together.

It was a very nice feeling, since over the past month(ish) we have not been able to break ground on the water stations due to money setbacks. Well, thankfully that problem is over and we will have the money next week so we can start construction. Unfortunately, I only have just under two weeks before I leave, and I will not be able to see the completed water facility … maybe I’ll come back just so I can see it in action 😉

Regardless, I had one of those little victories yesterday in combating the open well problem. The rope pump will help protect the well from accumulation of trash and other airborne ailments. As soon as I can post the pictures, I will. Also, through the help of some newfound friends, I was able to acquire everything I need for my biosand-filter. Which, if any future EWB participants are interested, is a very logical and resourceful way to bring clean water to homes, just an fyi.

I would like to take this time to thank my new friends on helping me with the biosand-filter, Kiran, Krishna, and Teja, if you ever read this blog, thank you. They were even nice to invite me over and we played cards (Gin) and talked about India and America. Then, Krishna gave me a ‘spiritual bracelet,’ which is a very nice addition to my right wrist.

Oh yea, almost forgot to tell you, I had the General Meal for lunch today, basically it is a large dish with a banana leaf and mounds of rice. You are also given a dish with 12 little bowls, each filled with a different sauce/curry/curd/something. It was pretty darn amazing! I can’t wait for my Indian friends back home to teach me the ways of Indian cuisine. Well, I’m sure I will be able to wait a little bit, I really want some of my mom’s Belgian Waffles with pure Maple syrup, baked almonds, homemade whipped cream, strawberries, bananas, sauteed apples, and eggs … mmmmm! Fyi mom, can we have waffles Sunday morning when I get back? Please? Sorry to all those readers out there who have no idea about my mom’s cooking, it’s unbelievable. Hah, can you tell I miss American food? Anyways, I’m just blabbering, oh, I could also so for some of Aunt Carol’s cookies! Ahh, sorry, that just slipped out…or typed out, one of the two.

Regardless, I got to see some more monkeys yesterday, which, along with the successful rope pump, made my day. Until next time, eat something without rice or curry and think of me.