To stifle any chance of me contracting “Delhi Belly” again, my flatmate and
I have gone to one restaurant in town every day for the last week. The
restaurant ‘KB’ has been recommended by everyone we have spoken to in the
city of Ongole; so, naturally we took the locals’ recommendation.

However, much like good old Umphrey Lee (SMU’s main cafeteria), I have
become sick of this place … not physically, but mentally. I need a change,
anything would do, just as long as there aren’t flies hovering in every
room. Unfortunately, there are no other restaurants with this constraint;
even KB has its fair share of resident flies.

Oddly enough, I don’t know why, after only two weeks of being here that I
would like a change of venue for eating out … I mean, it took me about 3
years to finally tired of eating at U. Lee, and then they changed it around
and I love the place. Maybe it is because it is all the same food, which
happens to be all the same food in the entire city … fried, or fried

When preparing for my travels, I was told that it would be rare to encounter
any meat, and I will be mostly eating vegetarian, which I was content with.
It turns out that 95% of the food, if cooked at all, is fried. This food
taste pretty darn good, from dosa to naan and rice to the assortments of
chicken and spices – the food is good, actually, great! But only for a shot
while. It is hard to work up that appetite for fried food 24/7.

**Don’t worry mom, I also eat fruits, like mango and supota (sp)**

Regardless of the food choices, I can make do … for those of you who know
me, I am not a picky eater. However, maybe my desire to find another
restaurant is due to the fact that, because of my flatmate being a girl, we
continually are given the “run-around” while walking into KB. Our first time
walking into the restaurant, we were told to go into a private room with
about 5 tables and air conditioning (thankfully) even though there were more
than enough tables in the main hall.

We figured, “Hey, quiet place where no one stares at us, and air
conditioning … sweet.” However, yesterday we entered KB and were quickly
removed to the “Family room.” Apparently, this is where women are allowed
to eat, and just so happens to be the room with the largest “family” of

I’m sorry about that bit of complaining, but it is just so hot, and when you
wake up every morning sweating, you can understand why I might seem a bit
cranky. Nevertheless, I am a fighter and I really don’t mind the whole
situation. Because I know by the end of the trip, I will have grown
immensely mentally and personally. I already know that I can occupy my time
without TV, movies, work, friends, family, a car, a nice bed, an assortment
of food, good smells, quiet times, fast internet, etc. It’s not ideal, but
it is very ‘do-able.”

In the meantime I will write, read, help some villages with their water
situation, and sweat; and I’ll have a good time doing it! Until next time
… to all my friends, family, and readers out there … take care!