After waking from my Food-Induced Coma, I realized that more than two people might be reading this SMU blog, and if you would like to contact me you have three options. I have just set up a gmail account for anyone who would like to contact me who does not know my email address or cell number. You can contact me about anything, and since it’s gmail, I don’t even care if it’s junkmail **No junkmail please** It is Clever, I know.

Also, thanks to my dear friend Ali, you could also spend some money to hear my voice. Using a company called Amantel, you can use a prepaid service for a pretty cheap price. I am not trying to advertise, but I know many of you miss talking to me — well, now you can call me up! In closing, I would like to thank my friend Ali for having his little adventure of his own in calling me at 5:30 in the morning, his time. Don’t worry if that doesn’t make sense, it’s an inside joke 🙂