Bryan in India

Bryan, a senior engineering student, is traveling to India for a tsunami reconstruction project on the southeast coast. He is working with Engineers Without Borders-USA on building sanitary water facilities for a village of about 35 families for six weeks.

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A little stomach bug

Well, I have been out of commission the past two days due to a little stomach bug and a pretty bad headache. Don’t worry, I called my mom the first thing in the morning to let her know that everything was all right and that there is no need to buy a ticket to India and bring me some Chicken Noodle Soup. Ok, so maybe I didn’t say that last part, but I assured her I was ok.

Today, I woke up feeling much better, but not really wanting to do much, since it’s roughly 1000 degrees outside (yes I counted the zeros). So, AnneMarie and Ram left for Hyderabad two days ago, so I am all by my lonesome, just when I got sick (Karma? I hope not). Thankfully, my friends down the street, our helpers at the office, and Uncle and Auntie (landlords) all came to check up on me to make sure everything was all right. I was given fruits and water, and for dinner I had some Curd Meal, which is basically Curd (yogurt) with Rice, and it turns out that I am growing to like it. The even better news, I think I am getting over my whole “lactose intolerance” thing because of all the milk products I have had, such as the curd, well only curd, but I have had a good amount (for a self proclaimed lactose intolerant).

Also, MIchael and Jenneli came back from their three weeks of travel today at 6 a.m. It was kind of funny because I am a hard sleeper and I cannot hear the doorbell in my room, so it took them about 10 minutes to try and wake me up. But they brought back some fun stuff, such as a bunch of DC Comics that I have thoroughly enjoyed today, turns out that they only cost 15 Rs. per issue (less than 50 cents).

Oh, so the other day we installed some handpumps for one of the villages and I was able to get my biosand filter installed in the school. I just love those kids, they are really funny. For some reason they all started copying everything I was doing and saying, so I made it into a lesson by pointing to objects and saying the English word which they usually were able to repeat.

It’s sad that I only have just a few more days left in Ongole because of all the people I have met and the friends I have made. But, I do miss my family and friends back home in the States. I’m also ready to hit the ground running with all of my activities this next year… don’t worry Ali, I will still have time to hang out. Maybe I will be able to come back soon to check on the status of other projects, maybe not, but I do not think this will be the last I have seen of Ongole … or even India for that matter. Remember, the parrot said I would be back.

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