After three full days in Paris, I am finally starting to get the hang of things.

The mornings start a bit earlier for me, as I usually have to average 2 hours in the morning to get ready and get to where I need to be. Public transportation is extremely easy to use and very efficient (and user friendly), but I did not realize how time consuming it is. The metro is a great way to get around the city, and with a carte orange costing only 55 euro a month, it is definitely worth every cent. The carte orange allows for unlimited usage of the metro, bus, and RER regional train. What a great deal!

So far I cannot say anything but great things about living in this wonderful city. My family has been extremely helpful and welcoming, and I am already beginning to feel like I am a part of the city, and not just a mere guest.

I will say, however, that there have been times when I have truly experienced what it is like to be not only a foreigner, but an American. There are no lack of stares on the subway, nor snickers from people on the street. Eyes on the metro are piercing, as if just by looking at any one of us, they know. But for the most part, all of my experiences have been pleasant, and besides a few creepy people on the subway…everything is going just fine.

As Americans, we celebrated our first weekend in Paris, Texas style. We ate dinner at a restaurant called Indiana, which serves typically American food, but more importantly, Tex Mex. We welcomed ourselves into Paris with tacos and margaritas, and enjoyed the atmosphere at a bar with an Amstel Light.

After only just three days and four nights, Paris is beginning to feel like home.