Brenda with SMU-in-Paris

Brenda is a junior majoring in journalism and French who is studying with SMU-in-Paris this fall.

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What a weekend in Paris!

The weather was lovely; a slight breeze in the mid 70s with sunny skies all weekend. The Eiffel Tower was crowded with tourists and locals alike, and the Tuileries Gardens teemed with excitement.

But tonight, however, I am in Compiegne with the group from SMU-In-Paris, and all of us are absolutely thrilled to be here. All 18 of us girls, and about 3 guys. What a ratio…and what a day.

After spending almost half of the morning at the airport, we rode the bus an hour to a small historic town called Compiegne. We took an afternoon stroll (along with a history lesson) with Isabelle, our program director, and we brushed up on our French skills with a lesson from a visiting professor from Switzerland.

We ate our dinner accompanied with a bottle of wine, and chatted about the day’s activities and the few days up ahead. I have never seen so many excited students ready to get out into the world.

But for tonight- the consensus was this: get a good night’s rest and be up and awake early tomorrow for a visit to the famous chateau of Compiegne and enjoy our next few days in this quaint little town.

Bonjour France!

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