I have been horrible at updating. Yes, I admit, it’s been almost a month since I even wrote one scrap of a word, but I have been traveling, and now that I am back in Paris for a good while, I will have more time.

brenda07-tropez.jpgFor the last three weeks everything has been almost non-stop. On October 19 I left early in the morning to meet the SMU group at the train station to go to Marseilles. We spent five days touring the south of France, which included visits to Marseilles, Hyeres, Giens, St. Tropez, Nice, and Antibes. All of these cities sit just along the Mediterranean, and the weather was beautiful the entire trip. I even managed to get some color on my already pasty skin (Paris is beautiful, but I am starting to wonder if I’ll ever see the sun again).

brenda07-prague2.jpgAfter returning from the south of France, I spent two days in Paris going to class and hastily preparing everything for fall break. Along with four friends, I left on Friday, October 26 for Prague in the Czech Republic. We arrived in Prague, and it was colder than Paris, but it is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. Prague looked like a picture out of a fairy tale, especially at night with lights lit up around the river. The buildings are castle-like, and there are towers and bridges all over the city.

After spending two nights in Prague, we left on Sunday for Rome. I’ve traveled all over Italy before, but I had never been to Rome. Rome was exactly what I expected it to be: classical and modern; upbeat and fun. I saw everything there was to see, including the Colosseum, the Roman ruins, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican/Vatican museum, and the Sistine Chapel. I got a crash course in Italian, and I spent the three days trying to communicate with the Italians via a mix of English, Spanish, and a few Italian words. Needless to say, Rome was beautiful and somewhere I want to return.

brenda07-athens.jpgAt the beginning of our fourth day in Rome, we headed to the airport for our final destination: Athens. I have been anxious to go to Greece since as long as I remember, and I cannot wait to return again. We spent three days in Athens, visiting the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena, and various other ruins. We took a day trip to Delphi, which is situated near the Corinthian Gulf and is surrounded by Mount Parnassus. We saw the museum in Delphi, the Temple of Apollo, some other ruins, and the famous “Oracle” from Delphi. Although the weather was rainy and a bit chilly, the mountains and the three-hour bus ride (each way) were a nice way to explore a less “touristic” part of Greece.

Returning back to Paris I found myself swamped with essays, papers, and assignments all due within the next week. I can’t believe that it is already mid-November, and that I only have a month and a half left to explore the rest of Paris and Europe. The semester flew by, and before I know it I will be boarding a plane back to Houston. But like I said in August, there is no turning back, there is no looking back, and for this I am eternally grateful. From here, there is only looking forward.