Last night was our first and final performance on Spetses. Our call was two hours before our performance. At around 8ish the company was able to see the sunset. The theatre space in Spetses is in traditional Greek form. This theatre in the round had amazing acoustics and seating view. The theatre is located at the top of a mountain facing the back of the Anargyrios Foundation. The School was established by a wealthy Spetsiot business-man, Sotiros Anargyros, as a gift to the island. And in 1972, it opened as a boarding school and during WWII was a base for the Nazis. Now serving as the Island???s university, it hosted all of our rehearsals and an amazing view that allowed you to see half of the island and the Aegean Sea.
The lights went up, and the company and I participated in an ancient tradition. It was a peculiar feeling, I have to admit. When we study theatre at SMU, we believe in the fourth wall and creating this division between the action on stage and the audience in most of the plays we do. However, the style of this performance was the exact opposite. The show calls for audience interaction and breaking that fourth wall to communicate with the audience. It was so exciting and different. The audience members were all locals we had befriended and other American students studying on the Island. I even met an incoming freshman named Morgan. I thought to myself, this must have been how the Greeks felt. Performing was a communion with friends and family.
After striking the set for shipping to Athens, the cast and I went out to celebrate our success. Many of us stayed up all night saying goodbye to the locals and to this beautiful Island. One thing I have learned about this culture is their love for living a stress-less life. Therefore, that night the company and I participated in this tradition.