Yesterday was one of the best days of my life. Our group decided earlier in the week that we wanted to explore some of the other islands. Members of our company who had been on this trip before advised us to visit Poros on the weekend. Through them we learned that the island was much bigger and had a lot of historical landmarks. We agreed that the Devils Hoff Print would be our final destination.

Saturday morning a group of 13 of us took a two-hour boat to Poros. Finally, after two boats and a taxi ride, we found ourselves at the Tower of Diatechisma, which I later found out was inhabited since Neolithic times at least. Talk about world history!

After walking a little while longer we finally found a spot to put all of our stuff and began hiking up and down a river. In the two hours that we hiked we saw three waterfalls and beautiful butterflies and dragonflies every where. It was nature in it purest form. I am a bad swimmer, so I was scared the whole time we were moving from rock to rope to tree to water. What was most amazing was when we all located ourselves at the lowest point of the river and overhead we could see the Devil’s Hoff Print. It was simply breathtaking. When we finally returned to our starting point, we all felt like we accomplished the impossible. Back down the mountains we were able to walk around the Island and eat at a great restaurant before taking a boat back to Spetses.

After all that physical activity you would think we would be too tired to do anything else. However, this was not the case! An hour and a half after returning we all decided that it was time to explore the other side of Spetses. Old Harbor, we were warned, was where all of the hottest clubs on the island were. After taking a quick carriage ride we found ourselves swarmed by hundreds of people by 2 a.m. The other side of the island was packed with natives visiting for the weekend, Americans, and nationalities of every kind. Not knowing how hard these people could party, we found ourselves leaving at 4ish while people were still pouring in. It was ridiculous.

After stopping for a late-night chat, my friend Katie and I realized that the sun was going to come up any minute, so we decided to stay up to watch it rise. Within an hour, the sun raised past the mountains. The whole day was unbelievable, moment to moment.