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It’s Not Just Research. It’s Also Personal.

“Thinking of my grandmother’s battle with breast cancer reminds me that my research has a real purpose: to benefit the millions of women around the world who might one day find themselves in her situation.”

2017-04-06T14:59:42+00:00 February 16, 2017|

SMU Law Clinic Gives Fresh Start To Families In Distress

SMU’s community clinics open doors to legal services for low-income North Texas residents unable to afford representation. One of the newest among 10 clinical programs and projects offered by the Dedman School of Law, the VanSickle Family Law Clinic launched in January 2016 under the direction of Chante Prox. Prox says it takes a special breed of attorney – part therapist, part legal ninja – to handle the emotional highs and lows involved with family law proceedings. Things get personal as attorneys navigate the choppy legal waters surrounding some of life’s most stressful changes.

2017-04-06T09:44:33+00:00 February 16, 2017|

Campaign Reshapes The University’s Profile

SMU Unbridled: The Second Century Campaign has lived up to its name. It reached its $1 billion goal ahead of schedule, raising unprecedented funding for scholarships, academic positions and programs, facilities and other enhancements to campus life.

2017-04-04T10:58:40+00:00 December 31, 2015|

What Do Students Like About SMU? Friends, Faculty & Much More

To celebrate the University’s centennial year, we asked students to tell us what they liked most about SMU. Here is the highly subjective, not-at-all comprehensive and totally fun list, in no particular order, of the people, places and more that earn a thumbs-up.

2017-04-04T10:58:47+00:00 June 30, 2015|

Founders’ Day Weekend 2014: Salute To Faculty And SMU Progress

Faculty gathered for a group portrait in Moody Coliseum. See the photo with individual identifications here. Founders’ Day Weekend, April 10-13, highlighted the Year of the Faculty, celebrating the centennial of the recruitment of SMU’s first professors. President R. Gerald Turner honored SMU faculty during a reception April 11 at the Miller Event Center in Moody Coliseum. Preceding the reception, a group photo was taken of full-time and emeriti faculty who assembled in Moody Coliseum. In his president’s briefing, Turner highlighted the University’s accomplishments and provided a look ahead for the coming year. Board of Trustees Chair Caren Prothro said that “one of the great benefits and rewards of service on the board is getting to know the faculty. Also, it is my pleasure to express the Board’s sincerest respect and greatest appreciation for all that the SMU faculty have done over the past century – to support students, to develop new knowledge through research, to shape community and national issues due to your expertise and to lead the development of SMU as a highly respected institution today in U.S. higher education.” Golden Mustangs, alumni from classes of 1963 or earlier, participated in a reunion and luncheon and toured the Sorolla exhibit at the Meadows Museum on Thursday. This year Founders’ Day Weekend added a new performance program on Friday, Inside SMU Powered by TEDxSMU. The program featured stories and demonstrations from 16 SMU [...]

2017-04-04T10:58:54+00:00 May 12, 2014|

Making Moody Magic

Although the final result of the National Invitation Tournament – Minnesota 65, SMU 63 – was not the one that the Mustangs wanted, SMU fans never let the disappointment diminish their enthusiasm for the men’s basketball season. Brandishing the hashtag #FinishTheRightWay, the Twittersphere exploded with congratulations, attaboys, thank-yous and so-proud-of-you comments. Buildings downtown and across Dallas – and as far away as Amarillo – lit up in red and blue lights after SMU’s home game wins. When the players and coaches returned to campus after the April 3 loss at Madison Square Garden, they were greeted by a crowd still showing the love for the resurgent team. In numerous interviews with the media during the season, Coach Larry Brown credited the home crowd for helping the team make it to New York City. “We have a program now that people don’t laugh at, and we’ve had unbelievable support. We’re going to win a national championship, or at least be competitive from now on out,” he said. > Larry Brown and the Mustangs profiled in The New York Times Brown and the players maintained all season that it was the atmosphere of a newly renovated and expanded Moody Coliseum – christened Moody Magic – that helped them achieve a 27-10 season. The Mustangs went 18-1 at home, setting a record for home victories, including 12-1 inside Moody Coliseum (the team played six home games [...]

2017-04-04T10:59:01+00:00 May 7, 2014|
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