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Bringing ‘Sea Monsters’ to life in D.C.

How are paleontologist Louis Jacobs and a group of student researchers spending the summer? They’re preparing never-before-seen fossils from Angola for the exhibit Sea Monsters Unearthed, which opens at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History on November 9 in Washington, D.C.

2018-07-05T15:33:05+00:00 June 27, 2018|

Congratulations to the XPRIZE team!

A puzzle-solving smartphone game designed by SMU and Literacy Instruction for Texas experts to teach struggling adult readers is among five international finalists in the $7 million XPRIZE competition.

2018-06-27T15:49:06+00:00 June 27, 2018|

Game on: Esports event debuts in September

SMU Guildhall and esports firm eGency Global are teaming up to present OP Live Dallas, a two-day gaming extravaganza featuring professional and amateur competitions as well as a showcase for games designed by SMU graduate students.

2018-06-27T12:57:12+00:00 June 27, 2018|

A win-win for Mustangs and local heroes

Honor those who serve through the Seats for Heroes program, and make plans to attend the Salute to Our Heroes football game on September 22 and the first responders appreciation on September 29.

2018-07-10T12:49:11+00:00 June 27, 2018|

‘The universal language of kindness’

Student-athletes and SMU staff cleared rocks, poured cement, dug post holes and helped build a brand-new sports court in a village in Belize, which they christened with a spirited volleyball tournament.

2018-06-27T12:52:44+00:00 June 27, 2018|

For some, it’s not just about the music

New research finds that people who deeply grasp the pleasure and pain of others appear to involve social cognitive circuitry to process music like a pleasurable proxy for a human encounter.

2018-06-27T12:47:59+00:00 June 27, 2018|

Big idea: Nanoscale surgical robots

MinJun Kim’s research is catching up the imaginations of the science fiction writers. He creates tiny robots that may one help doctors see what’s going on inside the human body’s hardest-to-reach places.

2018-06-27T12:43:41+00:00 June 27, 2018|

Crunching data to crush bacteria

Peng Tao, assistant professor of chemistry, received the prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER Award to support his innovative computational strategy for fighting “superbugs.”

2018-06-27T12:38:55+00:00 June 27, 2018|

Research and mentorship honored

Bonnie Jacobs has been elected a fellow of the international Paleontological Society for her contributions to the field of Cenozoic paleobotany as well as her stellar mentorship of students.

2018-06-27T12:33:14+00:00 June 27, 2018|

Plunging into green engineering

Champion swimmer Adrienn Sánta ’18 blended her family’s green living experience with undergraduate research on mobile greenhouses to find her passion for building a sustainable future.

2018-06-27T12:26:20+00:00 June 27, 2018|
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SMU Magazine

SMU Magazine is updated monthly on this website and the print edition is published each spring and fall.

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