October 2, 2017

This fall, thousands of alumni are joining together in support of Pony Power: Strengthening the Stampede. This three-year initiative will improve the academic and campus experience of SMU students at the University, right now. By focusing on current-use funds, Pony Power seeks to maximize resources available to the provost, deans and faculty to address the most pressing needs and best ideas on campus.

To get this initiative moving, SMU is introducing the Mustang Momentum Challenge. For 14 days, starting on October 18, SMU will celebrate the outstanding work of students and faculty across campus, highlighting the tangible impact current-use gifts make on the lives of students now, and leaving a lasting legacy for the future. Each day, a new student or faculty story will be featured in emails to alumni and on the web. And each day, alumni will be encouraged to make their own contribution, together gaining momentum to meet the challenge.

Read more about Pony Power to see how meaningful alumni generosity is in the lives of individual students and the community at large, and how you can contribute to the Mustang Momentum Challenge.